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Robert Hurt and Gerry Connolly

U.S. Representatives Robert Hurt (R-VA) and Gerry Connolly (D-VA) speak to Professor Warburg's class.
U.S. Representatives Robert Hurt (R-VA) and Gerry Connolly (D-VA) speak to Professor Warburg's class.

Kevin Fay

Sustainability and the International Policy Process
As part of Earth Week, the Batten School and UVA Sustainability will co-sponsor a special Batten Hour with Kevin J. Fay, a member of the UVA Board of Visitors and the CEO of the law firm Alcalde & Fay. In December 2015, Mr. Fay was part of 21st Conference of Parties in Paris where 196 countries reached a historic climate change agreement.

Fred Hitz

The Current Condition of U.S. Intelligence in the Fight against ISIS
Professor Frederick Hitz will present a timely lecture on the state of U.S. intelligence and the fight against ISIS. Hitz is a former Inspector General at the CIA. He teaches courses on anti-terrorism and the role of the intelligence community.

Elizabeth Cameron

National Security and Global Health
Seeking an End of Epidemics: Advancing the Global Health Security Agenda Stopping outbreaks at the source can save thousands of lives, prevent political collapse, and deter billions in economic losses. Preventing, detecting, and rapidly responding to biological threats – whether naturally occurring like Ebola, Zika, MERS, and influenza, or deliberate like the 2001 anthrax attacks – is a national security priority, as well as a global health imperative. Unfortunately, despite over a decade of implementation, only approximately 30% of all countries have in place the essential capacity required by the International Health Regulations (2005) to address infectious disease threats. This talk will explore the Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA) as a multilateral, Leaders level initiative to establish targets, accelerate measurable commitment, and sustain global interest and financing across sectors. The United States has made a commitment to assist at least 31 countries to achieve the Agenda’s targets, the G-7 has made a collective commitment to assist at least 76 countries, and the 50-country multilateral GHSA collective has made over 100 new commitments to accelerate national, regional and global progress. Synchronizing these commitments to achieve sustainable capacity will require a new frame for country collaboration across sectors, budgets and borders. Elizabeth (Beth) Cameron is the Director for Countering Biological Threats with the National Security Council staff, where she played a major role in conceiving and launching the Global Health Security Agenda and oversees issues relating to countering biological threats, including biosecurity, dual-use research of concern, combating bioterrorism, biological select agents and toxins, and epidemic threats such as Ebola. Prior to this assignment, she served in the Office of the Secretary of Defense as Senior Advisor and in the role of Chief of Staff for Honorable Andrew Weber, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Defense Programs (NCB). Cameron holds a Ph.D. in Biology from the Human Genetics and Molecular Biology Program at the Johns Hopkins University and a BA in Biology from the University of Virginia.

President Teresa Sullivan

President Sullivan Speaks to Batten students.
President Sullivan Speaks to Batten students.

Phil Midland

Engaging China and Japan in the 21st Century
The East has re-established its ‘great state’ character. China, as the perceived leader of the East, has significant challenges to perform. The Communist Party of China (CPC) is growing with the technology, designing ubiquitous networking as a component of national management and global reach – a digital-virtual Great China. The challenge to the West is recognition and interpretation of this Chinese renaissance and the 21st Century global-reach of the East. On March 28 at 1:00 p.m., Phil Midland, President of IHS International LLC, will speak on the rise of China and Japan at the Batten School. Midland served in the U.S. Navy for 22 years, retiring with the rank of Captain and since 1995 has led various project initiatives for U.S. companies and institutions in China. Mr. Midland has supported the Office of Net Assessment, Office of the Secretary of Defense with various China and Japan assessments since 1998, and has interfaced directly with the Office of the Secretary of Defense and the Commander, U.S. Pacific Command. Mr. Midland has supported the Office of the Secretary of Defense, Office of Net Assessment (OSD/NA) for the past 15 years regarding political and infrastructure assessments concerning China. In addition to support of the U.S. government, Mr. Midland has led several key U.S. corporate initiatives in China, including: electric power production, wireless communications, industrial construction, finance and banking, transportation development and investment, investment and healthcare policy. He has helped to develop unique research and exchange relationships between Chinese research institutions and U.S. university and research centers. Midland has worked directly with the Vatican and Archdiocese of Washington DC regarding various issues of religion in China. Mr. Midland received a B.S. in Political Science from the University of Wisconsin (Madison), a M.A. in International Relations from the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) and was a Federal Executive Fellow studying under and supporting the work of Samuel Huntington at Harvard University. Presented by the Batten Global Policy Center.

Mayor Benjamin

Lessons from South Carolina on Governance, Social Justice and Politics
Mayor Benjamin has been a noted leader on issues as varied as South Carolina’s decision to remove its Confederate flag from its State House, flood recovery, economic development and racial and social justice.

Glen Ford

Is It Movement Time in America?
Glen Ford, executive editor of the Black Agenda Report, will speak on the Black Lives Matter movement and the current political environment. Ford is the co-founder of America’s Black Forum (TV), a former White House, Capitol Hill and State Department correspondent and author of The Big Lie. A lifelong journalist, he has sought to bring the African American perspective to the news media through his work. Sponsored by the Black Student Leaders in Policy (BSLIP).

Peter Zwack

Russia and Its World of Existential Threats
Retired Brigadier General Peter Zwack will speak about Russia today and its world of existential threats. He will also offer students lessons learned, world observations and personal notes on his work across the globe. Brigadier General Peter B Zwack {Ret.} served as the United States Senior Defense Official and Attache to the Russian Federation from 2012 - 2014. He was in Moscow when the Russians invaded Crimea and the US/Russia relationship collapsed. This special event is co-sponsored by the International Relations Organization at UVA.

Mike Curtin

Social Innovation Summit
Mike Curtin Chief Executive Officer After graduating from Williams College in 1986 with a BA in Religion, Mike lived and worked in Osaka, Japan as a teacher, copywriter, and bartender at his neighborhood pub. Upon returning to the US, Mike began a 20-year career in the hospitality business, which included owning and operating his own restaurant, The Broad Street Grill in Falls Church, Virginia, before joining DC Central Kitchen (DCCK). When Mike joined DCCK in 2004, he drew on his experiences as an entrepreneur in the restaurant business to expand the Kitchen’s social enterprise program from less than $500,000 in 2005 to over $7 million in 2014. Under his leadership, DCCK’s social enterprise portfolio expanded from a small catering outfit to include a full-service catering, contract meals, locally-sourced, scratched-cooked school meals and a wholesale program that delivers fresh produce and healthy snacks to corner stores in Washington, DC’s food deserts. Since 2010, DCCK has generated over $35 million through social enterprise, which now accounts for approximately 63% of its total operating budget. As a result of this growth, the Kitchen now employs over 150 people, including 60 graduates of the Kitchen’s nationally recognized Culinary Job Training Program, which trains formerly incarcerated, addicted, homeless or chronically unemployed individuals. Since the 2008 recession, the Kitchen’s graduates have earn over $8.5 million in wages and have less than 2% recidivism. These programs, as well as many others, continue to grow as a result of DCCK’s Nutrition Lab facility. This facility was funded and launched under Mike’s leadership and has allowed DCCK to take on more contracts, rapidly increase investments in purchasing from local farms, and improve production efficiency. Additionally, the lessons learned at the Nutrition Lab are helping to improve the production and distribution of the 5,000 meals DCCK provides each day to social service agencies throughout the community. Mike’s speaking engagements have included the World Social Enterprise Summit, Partnership for a Healthier America Conference, and National Geographic Live. He has also been a featured speaker at Georgetown University, the Yale Sustainable Food Program, Williams College, the Darden School of Business and many other academic institutions across the country. Mike is a Chair Emeritus of the Restaurant Association Metropolitan Washington and a Board Member for The Common Market in Philadelphia. He was an advisory board member for the Center for Health and the Global Environment at Harvard Medical School and currently sits on the advisory boards of DC Greens, Real Food for Kids and Catalyst Kitchens, and is a member of the Leadership Council of DC Hunger Solutions. Mike was honored in 2010 with the Excel Award for Nonprofit Leadership from the Center for Nonprofit Advancement. In 2011, he was awarded the Pedro Arrupe Award by Gonzaga College High School, his alma mater, in recognition of his work with DC Central Kitchen. Mike was previously honored by Gonzaga College High School with the St. Aloysius Medal. He was recognized by the Ignatian Volunteer Corps with the Della Strada Award for his commitment to the Jesuit ideals of social justice. In 2015 he received the Community Impact Award from the International Association of Culinary Professionals. The Kitchen has received numerous accolades under Mike’s guidance, including: The Mayor’s Environmental Excellence Award , the Washington Business Journal’s Green Business Award for Innovation, The DC Chamber of Commerce 2012 and Community Impact Award; and DCCK’s social enterprise was named one of the top 10 social enterprise business in the world by the founder of the Social Enterprise World Forum. Mike is also a recipient of the 2010 Gelman, Rosenberg & Freedman EXCEL Award for excellence in chief executive leadership. Mike lives with his wife, Maureen, and their three children, Maeve, Michael III and Ciara, in Falls Church, VA.

Dr. Kelly O'Brien

Prison Health Care Problems and Initiatives
Dr. Kelly O’Brien, Associate Medical Director of the Wisconsins Women’s Correctional System will speak about “Prison Health Care Problems and Initiatives.” Dr. O’Brien does clinical work at the women´s intake center and maximum security institution. She serves on the American College of Correctional Physicians board and has been a presenter for the National Commission on Correctional Health Care. Her talk will discuss the use evidence-based principles when treating patients.

Stephen Morrison

National Security Dimensions of Global Public Health
The Center for Strategic and International Studies’ (CSIS) Stephen Morrison will present “National Security Dimensions of Global Public Health.” This Batten Hour is co-sponsored by the UVA Center for Global Health and the Batten Global Policy Center. Dr. Morrison writes widely, has directed several high-level commissions, and is a frequent commentator on U.S. foreign policy, global health, Africa, and foreign assistance. He holds a Ph.D. in political science from the University of Wisconsin and is a magna cum laude graduate of Yale College.