Frederic S. Bocock Fellowship

We are thrilled to announce the Frederic S. Bocock Fellowship. Created through a very generous gift from Fred and Mary Buford Hitz, the newly established Fellowship is designed to promote and recognize the importance of careers in public service through funded summer internship positions.

The Frederic S. Bocock Fellowship is available to fund summer governmental internships for candidates in both the undergraduate and graduate Batten School programs. Successful applicants should be able to articulate both a demonstrated record of public service and a genuine desire to use their Batten School degrees in a future position of government service in the United States, whether at the local, state, or federal level.

Hitz began teaching at the Batten School soon after it was founded; since that time, he has continually inspired his students by sharing lessons learned during a life of meaningful public service. After graduating from law school, Hitz entered the Career Training Program at the Central Intelligence Agency and served in the clandestine service in Africa. He returned to law practice in 1974 but re-entered government service in congressional liaison capacities with the State, Defense, and Energy departments before resuming his career at the CIA in 1978 as Legislative Counsel to the Director of Central Intelligence.

Hitz was appointed the first statutory Inspector General of the CIA by President George H.W. Bush. He served in that capacity from 1990-1998, when he retired. Hitz’s prior academic appointments include lecturing at the University of Ife in Ibadan, Nigeria and serving as Senior Faculty Fellow at Butler College, Princeton University. Hitz graduated from Princeton University with a BA in 1961 and received his JD from Harvard Law School. He and his wife, Mary Buford Hitz, were married in 1963.

Frank Batten School undergraduate and graduate students who have an internship this summer with the local, state, or federal government and are interested in pursuing a career in government service.



Application Process
Applications should include the following: 1. A completed application  2. An attached PDF document including the student’s personal statement (personal statement requirements are outlined in the application) 3. A one-page resume.

Please use the following naming conventions when saving and submitting the documents:

Last Name – Resume

Last Name – Application

Last Name – Personal Statement

Only completed applications will be considered. All application materials should be submitted via email to Hannah Rose Bainter, Director of Student and Career Services, at Application deadline information will be announced during the Fall 2017 semester.