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Spring 2016 Go Government: How to Stand Out in the Application Process

A strong resume is essential to land a job with the government. Learn tips and tricks students can use to market themselves and stand out from the rest of the applicants.The password to the video is: GoGov

Spring 2016 Go Government: Security Clearance 101

Understanding how security clearances work can be tricky and confusing. Participate in a review of the different types of security clearances an applicant might encounter and how to prepare in advance for the security clearance process. The password to the video is: GoGov

Spring 2016 Go Government: Maximizing Your Summer Opportunities

Federal agencies are still hiring! Discover which agencies are looking for interns and full-time positions, as well as how to maximize summer opportunities. The password to the video is: GoGov

Fall 2015 Go Government: Federal Resume 101

A strong resume is a key element in landing a job, and it’s no different when trying to enter the government. However, federal positions require a more lengthy and detailed resume than most employers do. Learn what elements need to be included, what prior experience should be highlighted and tools you can use to determine additional skills you may need for a certain job. The password to the video is: FA15GoGov

Fall 2015 Go Government: Your Federal Career: In D.C. and Beyond

Federal jobs aren’t limited to the confines of the Beltway. Discover the various agencies that have well-paying jobs available all over the country, and learn which missions align best with your personal goals and priorities. The password to the video is: FA15GoGov

Fall 2015 Go Government: is the website used to apply for most federal positions. It can be tricky to navigate and uses government terms and acronyms that may be unfamiliar to students. Participate in a tutorial on the application process and to eliminate confusion you may have during this session. The password for the video is: FA15GoGov

Spring 2014 Go Government: Personal Branding

Marketing yourself properly is the key to landing the federal job or internship of your dreams. Learn how to develop a strong personal brand by identifying new ways to apply your skills and talents, highlighting the versatility of your experiences and building a standout resume. (password: 14gogovernment)

Spring 2014 Go Government: The ABC’s of Finding a Federal Job

Interested in working in the federal government, but confused by Not sure what to do with your college degree? Join us as we discuss how to search for federal jobs and find your perfect fit in government, and share tips and resources for how to make the process easier! password:14gogovernment

Fall 2013 Go Government: What Makes a Federal Job Application Stand Out?

Marketable skills such as leadership, networking, communication, and teamwork are critical to careers in government, even in technically specific fields. Join Fed Coach Tom Fox for a discussion about how to identify and highlight these intangible skills to give you an edge over the competition for federal internships and jobs. (password:13gogovernment)

Fall 2014 Go Government: Find Your Fit in Government

Interested in working for the federal government, but don’t know where to start? Searching through thousands of job announcements on can be intimidating. The Partnership can help you focus your search so you can find your dream job in the federal government. Hear from Partnership staff and agency representatives on how to find your fit and begin your federal job search. password: 14gogovernment

Fall 2014 Go Government: Build a Strong Federal Resume

Federal resumes differ from traditional resumes in many ways. They can be anywhere from 2-5 pages and require information not normally found on a traditional resume. Join the Partnership staff and agency representatives as we walk you through how to build a federal resume and highlight its essential parts. password: 14gogovernment

Spring 2015 Go Government: Interview and Security Clearances: What to Expect

The presentation provides students with an inside look on the federal interview and the security clearance process. password: fedinterview15