Academic Advising and Faculty Mentoring

Enhancing success in graduate and professional study.

Academic Advising

The Director of Academic Programs and Registrar, Amanda Crombie, manages academic advising for Batten students.  Students meet with her at least once each year to discuss academic requirements and progress toward the degree. 

Students may contact the Director of Academic Programs and Registrar at any time for assistance.  She maintains all student academic records, manages the electronic degree audit, and verifies the completion of academic requirements for degree conferral.  In addition, she monitors all student progress every semester and counsels students individually as needed.   Students are invited to schedule an appointment or simply stop by the office at any time, for any reason.

Faculty – MPP Student Mentoring

Each student is also assigned a Batten faculty mentor upon entering the MPP program.  While the Director of Academic Programs monitors student progress toward the degree, faculty mentors coach students in the academic substance of leadership and public policy.   All students are required to conduct an initial meeting with their faculty mentor during their first semester in the program.   Meeting with faculty mentors thereafter is optional.  Faculty mentors contact their mentees every semester with an invitation to meet.

Faculty mentors function as another advising resource for brainstorming approaches to leadership and policy issues, making referrals, and giving feedback.  They are not responsible for advising and referrals outside the academic disciplinary realm. 

The Director of Academic Programs manages the Faculty Mentoring Program.  Faculty will inform her of any problems students may bring to their attention.