Addressing Academic Issues

Students are responsible for knowing the Batten School Graduate Academic Policies and are expected to take the following proactive steps if a problem arises affecting their academic performance:

  • If the problem involves difficulty with course material, speak directly with the course instructor. This is very important. The student may also wish to meet with the teaching assistant during office hours, consult with the Batten School Director of Academic Programs and the faculty member, or look into the Batten School Writing Coach Program, the U.Va. Writing Center, or U.Va. Tutoring Services.  The student may choose to do all of the above.
  • If the problem is of a personal nature, inform the Senior Assistant Dean of Student and Career Services, Jill Rockwell, and/or Amanda Crombie, who will provide support and make referrals as needed. 
  • If the problem involves a grievance with a member of the faculty, the student must discuss the problem with the faculty member before seeking any other recourse.  If no resolution is reached, or if discussion is impossible, consult with the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.