Internship Credit During the Academic Year

MPP Internship Credit During the Academic Year

Second-year MPP students wishing to receive academic credit for an internship performed in the fall semester of their second year should agree to the terms below and complete the required Academic Year Internship Agreement Form, in consultation with the internship supervisor and the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs of the Batten School.  Please note that this option is available only in the fall of the second year

  • The internship will involve a commitment of a minimum of 10 hours per week over the 15-week fall term, or the equivalent.
  • The internship will be supervised by a sponsor within the organization.  The Batten School may contact the supervisor if necessary. 
  • The student will attach to the Academic Year Internship Agreement Form a brief statement (approximately 250 words) indicating how the internship relates to his/her academic interests and/or professional goals.
  • The student agrees to write a 25-page paper about the internship under the direction of the Associate Dean, on a topic chosen in consultation with the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.  
  • Upon successful completion of these requirements the student will receive 3 hours of academic credit and a letter grade.  The credit will appear as “Independent Study” on the student’s academic transcript. 
  • The internship supervisor agrees to provide the student with a letter documenting completion of the internship, as well as feedback on the intern’s performance.  The Director of Academic Programs at the Batten School will receive a copy of this letter for the student’s records.