Short Course Instructors

Saphira Baker is principal consultant of Communitas Consulting.  She previously served as Deputy Chief Administrative Officer for Human Services in the City of Richmond, directed a planning agency for children and family services for the City of Charlottesville and the County of Albemarle, and directed workforce development for the City of Cambridge, Massachusetts. She earned a Master of Public Administration at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Governemnt. At Batten she teaches short courses on strategic and community planning.

Leslie Beauregard serves as the Assitant City Manager of the City of Charlottesville.  In her previous role she served as Director of the Office of the Budget and Performance Management in the City of Charlottesille, overseeing the city’s $150M budget. She led the City of Charlottesville’s development of budget and fiscal policies, strategic planning, and performance measurement initiatives. At Batten she teaches a course on evaluating public programs. 

Eric Field teaches, manages, develops, and consults on applied research in design informatics – specializing in simulation modeling, visualization, information design, and applied information technology. He is founder and Director of the Insight Lab at the UVa School of Architecture, and founder of the school’s CNC Fabrication Lab. Mr. Field is also a lead technologist in the management and development of design technology in the School of Architecture and the University. At Batten he teaches a short course on data visualization. 

Galen Fountain served as Clerk  (Chief of Staff) to the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee for Agriculture, Rural Development, and Related Agencies until he retired in 2011. In that role he was responsible for drafting the bills that fund the U.S Department of Agriculture and the Food & Drug Administration.  Prior to his service to the U.S. Senate he manage two congressional campaigns, served as a district director and legislative advisor for Dan Glickman (D-KS). At Batten he has taught short courses drawing on his expertise in food policy and the appropriations process.  

Rod Hunter serves as Senior Vice President for International Affairs at the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturing Association.  He previously served as Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director in the Directorate for International Economics of the National Security Council (The White House). At Batten he will teach courses on international trade policy.  

Marcia Pentz is an Assistant Professor of Managment in the McIntire School of Commerce, where she teaches management communication. She is the winner of the 2010 All-University Teaching award and a 2012 recipient of  McIntire’s Order of Claw & Dagger Faculty Recognition Award. At Batten she teaches a highly sought after public speaking workshop. 

Spencer Phillips is a natural resource economist working to help communities, people and organizations better understand, articulate and act on solid foundation about the relationships between the economy and the environment. He previously served as the Vice President of Research for The Wilderness Society, where he led a team of economists, ecologists, and landscape scientists to help inform the debate on wilderness protection, wildland stewardship and natural resource policy in the United States. At Batten he teaches a short course on GIS for Policy. 

Annie Rorem (Batten MPP) is a Policy Associate for the Demographics Research Group at the University of Virginia Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service.  She has a background in both theoretical mathematics and public policy, and conducts research on education and labor force participation with a particular interest in gender. At Batten she teaches a short course on data wrangling, designed to help students manage their first major research project. 

Roberta Savage serves as Executive Director of the Rivanna Conservation Society and previously served as the Executive Director and CEO of the Association of State and Interstate Water Pollution Control Administrators, coordinating the implementation of the Clean Water Act. At Batten she will teach a short course on implementing federal policy. 

Kristine Vey serves as Senior Project Manager in the Department of Facilities Planning and Construction at the University of Virginia. In her role there, she manages all aspects of capital renovation projects, including programming and planning, budget development and management, procurement of professional dnd construction services, communication with clients and stakeholders, and resolution of design and construction issues. At Batten she will teach a short course on project managment. 

James Villarubbia (Batten MPP) is a Front End Developer for the Democratic National Committee and previously served as Senior IT Policy Analyst at the U.S. Department of Justice in the office of the Chief Information Officer.  James brings an interest in technology’s impact on self-governance, specifically looking at how democracies absorb new technologies into their political framework.  At Batten he teaches short courses on cybersecurity and digital policy. He is the recipient of the Presidential Management Fellowship. 

Wade Warren serves as Senior Deputy Administrator in the Bureau of Global Health at USAID, where he is responsible for all operations of the Bureau of Global Health. He previously served as Acting Chief Operating Officer for USAID’s Bureau of Foreign Assistance and as Director of the Africa Bureau Office of Development Planning. At Batten he will teach a short course on global health policy.