Batten Undergraduate Council

The Batten Undergraduate Council (BUC) represents the interests of Batten undergraduate students. BUC promotes participation and collaboration in the Batten, University, and public policy communities by connecting students with other community members through faculty engagement, community outreach, and professional development events. BUC works to maintain unity and cohesion between students in all the Batten cohorts, as well. BUC is excited to be able to provide organized opportunities for BA undergraduate students to search, find, and share their passions as they help pave the way for this new program.

The External Committee works with students, faculty, and staff to further promote Batten and engage with the wider University, Charlottesville, and national communities in a variety of capacities.

The Social Committee works to bring together students in the undergraduate program with each other, Batten MPP students, faculty and staff members, and other groups in the University through both formal and informal activities and events.

The Internal Committee fosters relationships amongst the Batten Students and Faculty and aims to make internal Batten operations and events transparent to the Batten community.

Executive Committee Contact Information

President:  Bryan Pfirrmann

Vice President Communications:  Molly Nesemann

Treasurer:  Helene Nygard

External Committee Chair:  Thomas Turner

Internal Committee Chair:  Rebecca Edelstein

Social Committee Chair:  Alexandra Lazares