Batten Undergraduate Mentorship Program


Batten Undergraduate Mentorship Program (BUMP)


In 2007, Frank Batten Sr. founded the Frank Batten School for Leadership and Public Policy at the University of Virginia. The Batten School’s mission is to educate and produce civically responsible leaders dedicated to public service and capable of initiating transformational change. To help achieve this goal, the Batten Undergraduate Council (BUC) established theBatten Undergraduate Mentorship Program (BUMP). BUMP connects Third-Year Batten undergraduates with Fourth-Year mentors who provide valuable advice and guidance on navigating Batten and the world of leadership and public policy more broadly. Mentors, in turn, receive the opportunity to exercise leadership and compassion while passing down helpful information they’ve acquired. These relationships, which BUMP encourages and fosters through events such as roundtable policy discussions and social gatherings, promote learning outside the classroom and friendship ties that will last beyond our time at UVA. They lead to a more connected Batten community that bolsters students’ ability to understand not only policy, but each other, and to create meaningful change and leave a lasting legacy. 


BUMP is run by the BUC Internal Committee. For more information on BUMP, please visit our website or contact the current BUC Internal Committee Chair.