Black Student Leaders In Policy

The members of BSLIP take to heart the example of our school’s founder, the late Frank Batten, Sr. Drawing upon his own words, we believe that never has there been a greater need for the University’s most important product: enlightened and ethical leaders of color who leave Grounds prepared for public life–in their communities, in their professions, in the world at large.

The Black Student Leaders in Policy of Batten is an organization that exemplifies  training in policy analysis and critical leadership skills to uplift its members and the UVA minority community ethically and academically, through effective, professional, and interpersonal networking strategies. Please contact James Banks ( with any questions.

The organization’s goals are as follows:

1. Create networks between students, faculty, alumni, and firms to establish long-term relationships and provide resources to ultimately ensure success from the admissions phase through post-graduation from Batten. 

2. Give Black students in Batten a sense of ownership, contributing important voices to the dialogue that underscores the policy challenges facing our nation and the world.

3. Ultimately increase the number of Black student applications and matriculants who apply to the Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy and contribute to their positive academic and co-curricular experiences.