FCG Consulting

Formative Change Group (FCG) Consulting is a pro-bono policy and strategic consulting group launched in 2012 as a Clinton Global Initiative Commitment. FCG Analysts are Master of Public Policy students at the U.Va. Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy, who are passionate about helping  Charlottesville community organizations better achieve their missions.

The FCG model offers the community benefits in two ways: First, as graduate students of public policy, Batten students are given opportunities to apply their policy analysis skills in solving real world policy problems. Second, for local organizations, FCG provides support and completes capacity building projects to ensure that the client organization is better able to fulfill its core mission in the future. We do this through projects such as data management, strategic planning, cost benefit (or effectiveness) analysis, survey design and more.

Our mission is to serve our city through fortifying and furthering the impact of socially responsible organizations in the Charlottesville area, through provision of pro-bono policy and strategy consulting services.

The website is much more comprehensive and interactive in explaining who we are, who we serve, and how we do it.

Contact us:

Executive Director: Michelle Cho

Director of Finances: Heidi Wilder 

Membership Chair: Mayura Iyer 

Chair of Client Development and Outreach: Richard Hopkins 

Alumni Relations and Special Events Chair: Corydon Baylor 

Chief Information Officer: Natalie Geleta