Foreign Policy Club

The Foreign Policy Club is a student-run organization that aims to introduce students to national security and diplomacy policy. Students interested in working for the U.S. Departments of State or Defense should consider joining. No prior professional or academic experience in foreign policy is necessary. 

Most meetings will be a discussion of a current event. Club members will chose discussion topics prior to the meeting so everyone has a chance to research the topic. Other meetings will be held to host guest speakers from Batten, other U.Va. schools and outside the University. Highlights include hosting of one or two prominent speakers and a holding formal debate.

Faculty and administrators are welcome to attend and participate in meetings. The Foreign Policy Club will invite them to lead discussions when their expertise is relevant to the topic. Some meetings may be student-only to allow students to speak freely among their peers.

Membership is informal. Simply attend meetings when the discussion topic interests you. Students who want to have a greater role can become club officers who plan meetings, invite guest speakers and assume club leadership next year.