Women in Policy

Women in Policy (WiP) serves as a casual forum for students to discuss women and gender policy issues. Through compelling conversations, WiP aims to motivate members to actively engage with these policy concerns at WiP meetings, at UVa, and in the world.

All discussions are informal and gender-inclusive - meaning we welcome all viewpoints and perspectives to expand our understanding of these complex issues. WiP firmly believes that both genders’ experiences and outlooks are essential to a dynamic dialogue of gender challenges in policy. This is not just a club for women, and we encourage all interested men to join the conversation. 

WiP meets Tuesday evenings at 7 pm in Garrett Hall’s seminar room. 

Before every meeting, a specific women/gender issue is chosen for the discussion’s main theme. Articles on this topic are emailed out and are more likely to come from sources like The Atlantic than from scholarly journals. The idea is to read what mainstream media has to say about women’s issues and unpack it using our policy backgrounds and training.

It’s a great way to make friends and explore complex issues in a comfortable setting, please join us!

To find out more, please visit our CIO website.